Benbar - Benedetta Barzano

Benedetta Barzanò


Milan, ITALY

I never make two identical pieces, but each one is unique. As unique as my passion.

With a background as architect, Benedetta founded Benbar in Milan.

She rekindled her childhood love for weaving beads and reconnected with her creativity by experimenting with weaving other materials like brass and bronze. Her mastery of lost wax technique allowed her to unleash her creativity, sculpting prototypes by hand and creating unique castings.

Benbar jewelry showcases her unique blend of bronze and brass, drawing inspiration from nature and art to create a distinctive collection. 

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Mastering the lost wax technique

The processing time is quite long,
Start with the drawing. Then modelling the wax with hands to give the shape
The melting is then carried out in the chosen metal. The final step is the processing with goldsmithing technique, polishing and possibly assembly of the parts to obtain the finished object.

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Handmade circle striped earrings - Benbar Handmade circle striped earrings - Benbar
Handmade circle striped bracelet - Benbar Handmade circle striped bracelet - Benbar
BenbarBracelet Rayé Cercle
Prix de vente€208,00 EUR
Handmade Bangle - Benbar
BenbarBracelet jonc tressé
Prix de vente€392,00 EUR
Handmade brass bracelet benbar Handmade brass bracelet benbar
BenbarBracelet Baiser
Prix de vente€392,00 EUR
Brass ring handmade Benbar
BenbarWorld Navel Ring
Prix de vente€160,00 EUR
Handmade circle striped ring - Benbar Handmade circle striped ring - Benbar
BenbarBague Rayée Cercle
Prix de vente€170,00 EUR

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NO, all jewels are nickel free and the earrings posts are in silver.


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