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Tips for a romantic Valentine's table decor with handmade tableware

Set the mood this Valentine's Day with unique handcrafted tableware that is perfect for a romantic meal.
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As Valentine's Day approaches, we're all exploring ways to show affection to our loved ones. 

Today we will help you to set up a romantic Valentine's table decor. What better way to show your love than by setting a beautiful table and cooking a meal yourself?

How to decorate a table for Valentine's Day?

Let’s start in the morning with a nice cup of milk tea. These lovely mugs from DailyDoseCeramics are born in baby pink, grass green, and hearty colors; they definitely give off cute vibes. They are your table's must-have for a Valentine's date. 

Offer them a cup of home-brewed milk tea. If they say it’s too sweet, tell them that’s why life gave them lemons.

Valentine tableware handcrafted Checkered handcrafted mug
Valentine tableware handcrafted  Checkered Handcrafted mug
Valentine tableware Handcrafted hearts mug

And yes, please add a pink heart bowl for breakfast nuts. They will remind you to stay healthy, both in your body and the relationship.

Valentine tableware handcrafted hearts bowl

Some snacks are much needed during the day; these aperitif bowls are perfect for such moments.

Valentine tableware handcrafted pink bowl
Blue bowl Valentine tableware handcrafted

Some playful Musae plates are great for the table. Look at these red colors shine bright with some mandarins and oranges. A palette as passionate as fire helps you light up the Valentine's vibe with some juicy fruit tasting before dinner.

Valentine tableware handcrafted better than plate

And don’t forget to tell them “I love you”. If you want to say it more romantically, time to pick up your Italian lesson. “Ti amo” [ti ˈaːmo] is the right way to go; drop them this “L’amore” plate at the same time. Now that’s a real rizz.

Valentine tableware handcrafted l'amore plate

Are you looking for something more straightforward as well? A plate named "Better than Sex" can be a nice compliment for someone's personality; just make sure not to show it to them after THAT happens.

Valentine tableware handcrafted valentines plate better than

Some plates that simply match with the Valentine's table are also the right way to go.

Valentine tableware handcrafted plate set valentines

Of course, we need flowers on the table for this special occasion. Don't miss out on these fabulous vases that go well with natural beauties.

Valentine tableware handcrafted vase crochet
Valentine tableware handcrafted vase glass

Go check out more decoration choices in our Valentine’s collection!

And don’t forget to tell them “I love you”

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