The Blessing of Being an Artist-Mother

The Blessing of Being an Artist-Mother

Discover Sara Bevilacqua's journey from a world-traveling designer to an artist-mother, blending motherhood and creativity in her unique leather crafts.
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Meet Sara Bevilacqua, a woman of Italian heritage, raised in the vibrant culture of Argentina, and now calling Barcelona home for over a decade. As a designer and skilled artisan in leather craftsmanship, Sara pours her passion into crafting a bespoke collection of intricately woven leather bags and accessories. Amidst her creative endeavors stands Luna, her one-year-old daughter, whose presence has become a profound source of inspiration and wisdom.

As an artist and mother, Sara considers herself blessed with a unique privilege. The autonomy of owning her creative business allows her to seamlessly integrate the innate instincts of motherhood into her daily life. Flexibility in managing time becomes key, as she gracefully adapts to the ebb and flow of her child's needs while nurturing her artistic endeavors.

Balancing the roles of artist and mother is akin to a delicate juggling act, where Sara navigates the demands of time with the tender care of her child. Though the journey may have its chaotic moments, Sara finds beauty in the chaos, recognizing it as a testament to the immense privilege of motherhood.

The intersectionality of womanhood, motherhood, and artistic pursuit may seem like a distant dream, yet Sara attests that it is indeed achievable. By relinquishing the pressures of immediate success and embracing a more intuitive approach aligned with her internal rhythm, she harmonizes her journey with that of her children.

Since welcoming Luna into her life, Sara has embarked on a journey of self-discovery, continually reshaping her artistic vision to encompass the transformative experience of motherhood. Though it is still early to discern the full extent of this evolution, Sara finds herself drawn to explore softer, more tactile materials—a reflection, perhaps, of the gentle embrace of motherhood.

Inspirations abound in Sara's life, drawn from the remarkable women who have left an indelible mark on her journey. From Federica, the Venetian artisan enamored with embroidery, to the visionary designer Clara Infante, and the talented photographer Natalia, each woman serves as a beacon of creativity and resilience.

As Sara navigates the intricate tapestry of artist-motherhood, she embraces the beauty of the unknown, trusting in the transformative power of love and creativity to guide her journey forward.

Sara finds beauty in the chaos, recognizing it as a testament to the immense privilege of motherhood.

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