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Boia Clay Pot - Set of 4

Boia Clay Pot - Set of 4

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Crafted in Spain

*Made to order. This product will be crafted just for you! ❤️

Boia Clay Pots are a set of 4 handmade terracotta pots, their shapes are inspired by ancient naval effects.
The refractory clay gives the object unique and attractive materiality so that you can see flashes of minor quartzite.
The craftsman, Juan Lorenzo, realizes them on a potter's wheel and through a completely handmade process. To obtain these vases Lorenzo has to let them dry and rework again and again: this is the complexity and difficulty of these pieces.




Diameter 16 cm
Height 16 cm
Weight 4 kg

Care and Maintenance

Consider that over time some clay pots may have a slight white coating. It is due to the accumulation of minerals present in the irrigation water. The composition of water varies from place to place.

For the best maintenance:
- avoid watering with tap water;
- preferably use filtered water rainwater, or let the tap water stand for a few hours before using it, but we recommend not overdoing it.




Wheel throwing

Shipping time

This product is made to order only. Shipping is expected within 2 weeks.


Shipping is FREE IN EUROPE:

- over € 150 if you place an order from a single artisan;

- over € 250 if you place an order from multiple artisans.

Shipping cost below € 150/€ 250 varies according to continent, in accordance with the following flat shipping rates:

- Europe: € 9,99

- UK: € 17 

- USA: € 25 

- Rest of the world: € 35

The flat shipping rate is € 5,99 If the shipping is to the same Country of the artisan (i.e. from a Spanish artisan to a Spanish customer).

As a matter of fact, we do want to encourage you to shop local and support artisans from your own Country ☺️

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