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Ta-Daan and Mamacrowd

About our Mamacrowd Campaign

We're opening up this phase of our journey to those looking to invest in our growing company and who want to grow along with it.

To do that, we have partnered with MAMACROWD a equity funding platform to provide a secure way to invest and get in on exclusive benefits and a unique opportunity!

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Not just a partner, a member of the community

We're growing and we want you to grow with us!

Early Birds

Joining during our "Coming Soon" phase from now until December 20th, gains you an equity reward of up to 19%

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  • Accesible Investment Options

    Good for first time investors, safely invest with as little as 250

  • 10% Discount Forever

    Throughout our shop, always

  • Stake In Our Company

    When we grow you grow, larger investments get a larger equity reward

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