Toppino Hats

Toppino Hats

Canale d’Alba, ITALY

Veronica Toppino, costume designer and milliner, is the creative mind behind Toppino Hats, the Piedmont-based hats brand founded in 2021. Veronica's profession is the result of a passion cultivated since young age, when she received a sewing machine as a gift from her father and started making her first creations. Toppino Hats offers a wide selection of pieces made of felt, vegetal, and upcycled fabric materials. For summer hats, linen, raffia, and straw are used to create beautiful lightweight models. Sustainable production choices are always at the core of the brand, aiming to minimize textile waste using materials coming from end-of collections and manufacturing surpluses. Completely handmade, Veronica's creations are a clever mix of tradition and innovation, coming in many shapes and colors.

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