Pierre Audouard


Pierre Audouard

Marseille, FRANCE

“Ceramic is composed of patience and time.”

Native from French Brittany, Pierre Audouard headed to the South of France in 2020 to attend a ceramic school. Driven by shapes and colors, its production is mainly part of the design of unique pieces whose lines can echo 80's Italian design.

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La valeur dans les détails

Crafting Pottery: From Wheel to Finish

Pierre first makes his pieces on the potter's wheel. The following day, after being trimmed, they can be assembled together and/or open-worked, be enhanced with additional parts, and a particular attention is paid to the finishes. All the pieces will then also be glazed by hand.

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Carrousel Basket - Pierre Audouard Carrousel Basket
Pierre AudouardCarrousel Basket
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