Pantoú Ceramics


Pantoú Ceramics

Faenza, ITALY

“Italian Contemporary Ceramics made with Traditional Techniques.”

Located in Faenza, Italy, Pantoù Ceramics is a brand of artisan ceramics and contemporary design founded in 2020 by Ilaria Biffara and Giampaolo Santoddi. The idea to open a ceramic bottega was born in 2015 in Caltagirone, a renowned center for ceramic art in Sicily, where they were born. These two young ceramists were raised in the midst of the local bottegas of Caltagirone, leading to their research, experimentation, and desire to recreate this ceramic tradition with new forms and colors.

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The phases of the Art of Pantoù Ceramics

Pantoù ceramics emerge from a series of stages: conceptualization, design, prototyping, and testing. Nothing is left to chance! The shapes, colors, and textures result from meticulous research: the silhouettes evolve from a sequence of drawings, followed by the creation of a prototype that is first shaped on the potter's wheel, then slowly air-dried, ensuring the object dries uniformly to prevent deformation or cracking. Subsequently, the dried piece is ready for the initial firing at a temperature of approximately 1000°C. This phase transforms raw clay into terracotta, which is later glazed with self-produced coatings for a unique effect. The glaze application is primarily done with an airbrush. Each item showcases a personal aesthetic with a contemporary flair. The handmade process, without the use of molds, adds a special touch to every piece.

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Fish shape Jug - Trabocco fish pitcher - Pantú Ceramics Fish shape Jug - Trabocco fish pitcher - Pantú Ceramics
Pantou CeramicsTrabocco Fish Pitcher
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Cielo Bowl Cielo Bowl
Pantou CeramicsCielo Bowl
Prix de venteA partir de $100.00 USD Prix normal$117.00 USD
Economisez $17.00
Cielo Plate Cielo Plate
Pantou CeramicsCielo Plate
Prix de venteA partir de $100.00 USD Prix normal$117.00 USD
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Gradient wave cup Gradient wave cup
Pantou CeramicsGradient wave cup
Prix de venteA partir de $36.00 USD Prix normal$43.00 USD

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Yes, it's fine, but it's important to clean it immediately after use.

For cleaning, you can fill the pitcher with a mixture of water and degreaser or water and vinegar. Shake the pitcher and let the mixture sit for about ten minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with plenty of water, shaking the pitcher. Do not wash in the dishwasher.

The pitcher has a capacity of half a liter.


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