Barcelona, SPAIN

“Inspirée d’ailleurs.”

Juliette is a French artist based in Barcelona. After studying at the Beaux Arts in Monaco, she explored different avenues such as sculpture, jewellery and finally ceramics. Ceramics proved to be her big break, opening up a whole range of possibilities. She had the opportunity and motivation to become an assistant in a ceramics studio in Barcelona and learned a great deal from this experience before co-founding her current studio, Bcn Clay Studio, with 3 other partners.

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La valeur dans les détails

Exploring the Artistic Journey: Clay, Intuition, and Handbuilding Techniques

Her creative process often involves sketches in a notebook and, above all, constant observation of what surrounds her.
Then working clay is very intuitive and free. The act of doing is almost as important as the result. It leaves a lot of room for the mood of the moment and what comes out of it.
She works in handbuilding (coils, slab, pinch, block, etc.), mixing techniques according to needs and the desired esthetic.
She needs calm and the production is a fairly introspective moment.

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Lineas Bowls Lineas Bowls
IloeLineas Bowls
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Balaka Boxes MIX - Set of 3 Balaka Boxes MIX - Set of 3
IloeBalaka Boxes MIX - Set of 3
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Balaka Boxes Balaka Boxes
IloeBalaka Boxes
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Xilli Divided Dish Xilli Divided Dish
IloeXilli Divided Dish
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Fuide Water Jug Fuide Water Jug
IloeFuide Water Jug
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To-Hu Tea Mug To-Hu Tea Mug
IloeTo-Hu Tea Mug
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Yes! If the object is glazed is food safe because the glazes used respects EU norms.

Yes i do, in case of special request do reach out to TA-DAAN via email and we’ll let you know about possibilities.

No I don’t. My first interest is to create one-off pieces and small series.


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