Milano, ITALY

“Intrinsic energy is the key.”

Diana is a goldsmith and designer born in Monza, of Italian and Greek origins. During his university studies in history and art history, he consolidated his foundations in painting and sculpture, before enrolling in the Ambrosiana Goldsmith School in 2013. ​2016 is the year of the birth of DiB.Lab, a goldsmith brand that observes classic and antique jewels and offers them with a personal aesthetic.

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La valeur dans les détails

Masterful Craftsmanship: The Intricate World of DiB.Lab Jewels

All DiB.Lab jewels are expertly made in the Milan laboratory, using ancient goldsmithing and lost wax sculpture techniques.

Everything is studied down to the smallest detail, from the preparatory drawings to the meticulous and slow creation of each wax sculpture which is subsequently cast in metal.

The finishes and details added in metal are made with patience and dedication, to create a jewel that is always unique and special.

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Tarot XIX: The Sun Ring DIB.LAB_Tarot_TheSunRing
DiB.LabTarot XIX: The Sun Ring
Prix de venteA partir de $241.00 USD
Citrea Necklace Citrea Necklace
DiB.LabCitrea Necklace
Prix de venteA partir de $184.00 USD
Caviar Earrings Caviar Earrings
DiB.LabCaviar Earrings
Prix de venteA partir de $109.00 USD
Ulivo Earrings Ulivo Earrings
DiB.LabUlivo Earrings
Prix de venteA partir de $109.00 USD
La Venere Preistorica Necklace La Venere Preistorica Necklace
DiB.LabLa Venere Preistorica Necklace
Prix de venteA partir de $205.00 USD
Caviar Ring Caviar Ring
DiB.LabCaviar Ring
Prix de venteA partir de $100.00 USD
Ulivo Ring Ulivo Ring
DiB.LabUlivo Ring
Prix de venteA partir de $128.00 USD
Fascinus Ring Fascinus Ring
DiB.LabFascinus Ring
Prix de venteA partir de $109.00 USD

Vous vous demandez peut-être...

Yes, all of articacts are nickel free.

It is recommended to remove them both at the seaside and in the swimming pool to avoid faster oxidation of the metal.

It may happen that the bronze leaves a bit of a halo on the fingers.
It doesn't happen often and it happens for various reasons, such as a skin pH that is too acidic, or too much sweating.
The DiB.Lab alloy oxidizes little and more slowly, because it was specifically designed for jewelry.
When you notice a light green halo on your finger, just wash your hands with soap and only wear the ring with completely dry hands.
Another tip to avoid the problem for good is to apply in the internal part of the ring a thin layer of clear nail polish.


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