Cœur Kai


Cœur Kai


“Reveal porcelain beauty through creative craft hybridation.”

Anne was born and raised in France, in a bicultural family. Her house was always filled with ancient chinese vases and art, and she developed a fascination for porcelain as a child. After studying business and engineering, she came back to her first love: ceramics. She graduated from a Brevet des Métiers d’Arts, in Paris.

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Porcelain Alchemy: Anne's Mastery of Precise Techniques and Fusion of Materials

Anne works with porcelain, using different technics such as slab work and «ajourage» technique. It means working on perfect consistence porcelain, to create openings without breaking the slabs. It is a very precise work that leads to a lot of loss, but really makes it possible to include other materials in the process, such as leather or metal.
She also works with gold and platinum lusters, which are "techniques de petit feu" still used in royal manufactories. She also specialize into crystalline glazes, that make her pieces unique. The crystals appear randomly and need a special firing technique, where you control the heating and the cooling of the porcelains.

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Mini Flower Porcelain Earrings Mini Flower Porcelain Earrings

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Porcelain is the strongest clay of all. The leather is thought to protect all remaining fragile areas: bottom of the bag and edges. The hybridation between strong and flexible is what makes them usable! Please take good care of them though :)

Not heavier than a classic leather bag. The porcelain slabs are lightweight.

I do, in case of special request do reach out to TA-DAAN in chat or via e-mail and we'll let you know if we can meet your needs. I can personalize colors of porcelain and leather.

Not at all! They only weight 3 grams and they won’t change color, it has been fixed at 1280°.


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