Chiara Costacurta

Chiara Costacurta

Canale d’Alba, ITALY

Following her passion for jewelry and fashion, combined with a vibrant creativity, Chiara Costacurta founded the homonymous brand in order to create unique collections inspired above all by nature and our planet. Based in Treviso, close to Vicenza, one of the main Italian areas in the production of silver and gold jewelry, this original brand offers an exquisite selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings made by expert goldsmiths. Gold-galvanized brass and 925 silver are the main materials used to create Chiara Costacurta’s pieces, together with precious and semi-precious stones. Butterflies and floral elements are some of the main themes of their collections, as a simbol to embrace changes. The delicate and modern designs are perfect to complete any look. With our planet at heart, Chiara Costacurta also focuses on using environmentally friendly packaging, preferring recycled materials over plastic.

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