Balma Studio


Balma Studio

San Sebastián, SPAIN

“Material Matters”

Born in Barcelona, she trained as a jewelry designer while working in Vienna and Venice.

She moved to the Basque Country, where she continued her education in the field of design, and a few years ago, she founded Balma Studio. It's a workshop where she could shape her ideas based on form, material, and color.

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La valeur dans les détails

Crafting Beauty: The Unique Terrazzo Specialization of Balma Studio

All her processes are artisanal, from the mixture of materials to obtaining colors from the three primary pigments, the sanding of the pieces, waxing, and so on.

What makes Balma Studio unique is its specialization in the terrazzo technique. The creation and sanding of terrazzo are laborious and slow, but she asserts that the results are very rewarding.

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Maxi Vinco Planter Maxi Vinco Planter
Balma StudioMaxi Vinco Planter
Prix de vente$64.00 USD
Tacot Terrazzo Planter Tacot Terrazzo Planter
Balma StudioTacot Terrazzo Planter
Prix de vente$49.00 USD
Mvsa Terrazzo Catchall Mvsa Terrazzo Catchall
Balma StudioMvsa Terrazzo Catchall
Prix de vente$51.00 USD
Bowl Niu Bowl Niu
Balma StudioBowl Niu
Prix de vente$36.00 USD
Bowell Terrazzo Bowl Bowell Terrazzo Bowl
Balma StudioBowell Terrazzo Bowl
Prix de vente$56.00 USD
Tina Catchall Tina Catchall
Balma StudioTina Catchall
Prix de vente$49.00 USD

Vous vous demandez peut-être...

No, although our pieces are non-toxic, they are somewhat porous, and food could stain them.

Of course, you can do away with plastic pots.

No, it's a water-based material, so it's better to wipe the piece with a damp cloth.


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