Ana Miranda Ceramics


Ana Miranda Ceramics

Barcelona, SPAIN

"Handcrafted Utility Ceramics."

Ana Miranda has been immersed in the world of ceramics since the young age of 13, having undertaken her first course in the craft. Although she initially pursued a career in design and interior decoration, ceramics always held a special place in her heart. Her journey took a transformative turn almost five years ago when she decided to fully dedicate herself to the art of ceramics.

The motivation behind Ana's unwavering commitment to ceramics lies in her deep love for crafting and artistic expression. Ceramics, in particular, serves as a boundless canvas for her imagination, providing the freedom to explore and create in ways that other mediums simply cannot. As an industrial designer, Ana finds a unique intersection of passion and profession in ceramics, allowing her to infuse her creations with both creativity and functionality.

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Crafting Mastery: Ana Miranda's Detailed Process in Ceramic Artistry

Ana Miranda meticulously crafts her ceramic pieces through a process involving clay cutting, precise measurements, wheel-throwing, and hand-modeling. For symmetry, she uses the potter's wheel, while hand-modeling and pinching techniques create a rustic character. After a thoughtful drying phase, the pieces are refined and trimmed. They air-dry again, with the duration varying from 2 to 10 days based on factors like clay type and environment. The pieces undergo a first firing at 950°C, followed by glazing and a final firing at 1250°C. The entire crafting process spans 20 to 30 days, with variations influenced by specific factors. Ana's detailed and time-intensive approach ensures each piece reflects her unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and artistry.

10 produits
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Sand Butter Dish Sand Butter Dish
Ana Miranda CeramicsSand Butter Dish
Prix de vente$98.00 USD Prix normal$115.00 USD
Economisez $12.00
Oxide Cup Oxide Cup
Ana Miranda CeramicsOxide Cup
Prix de venteA partir de $68.00 USD Prix normal$80.00 USD
Economisez $11.00
Ocean Mug Ocean Mug
Ana Miranda CeramicsOcean Mug
Prix de venteA partir de $65.00 USD Prix normal$76.00 USD
Economisez $18.00
Sand Spoons MIX - Set of 4 Sand Spoons MIX - Set of 4
Ana Miranda CeramicsSand Spoons MIX - Set of 4
Prix de vente$102.00 USD Prix normal$120.00 USD
Economisez $18.00
Sand Spoons - Set of 4 Sand Spoons - Set of 4
Ana Miranda CeramicsSand Spoons - Set of 4
Prix de vente$102.00 USD Prix normal$120.00 USD
Romántica Bowl and Plate Romántica Bowl and Plate
Romántica Milk Jug Romántica Milk Jug
Ana Miranda CeramicsRomántica Milk Jug
Prix de vente$176.00 USD
Economisez $45.00
Heya Cup MIX - Set of 6 Heya Cup MIX - Set of 6
Ana Miranda CeramicsHeya Cup MIX - Set of 6
Prix de vente$257.00 USD Prix normal$302.00 USD
Economisez $10.00
Heya Cup Heya Cup
Ana Miranda CeramicsHeya Cup
Prix de venteA partir de $53.00 USD Prix normal$63.00 USD
Economisez $37.00
Ocean Mugs MIX - Set of 4 (-16%) Ocean Mugs MIX - Set of 4 (-16%)
Ana Miranda CeramicsOcean Mugs MIX - Set of 4 (-16%)
Prix de vente$216.00 USD Prix normal$253.00 USD

Vous vous demandez peut-être...

Yes, the majority of my pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe. However, it is not recommended to use the microwave or dishwasher with extremely delicate pieces, such as the small spoons. Please note that none of my creations are suitable for baking or cooking in a conventional oven.

Yes, I take great care to use non-toxic glazes, making my ceramics perfectly safe for use with food and beverages. You can confidently enjoy your meals and drinks from my creations.

Typically, the production time for a made-to-order piece varies depending on the specific item, but it can take between 20 to 30 days


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