Cuit Espai Ceràmic


Cuit Espai Ceràmic

València, SPAIN

“Slow pieces.”

They met at the ceramics school in Manises doing a project for a haute cuisine chef and they understood that they had a very similar vision of the future and very similar ways of working. So they decided to create CUIT together. They both met ceramics a bit by chance, but they felt in love with it.

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Value in the details

A Glimpse into a Valencia Workshop

All the pieces are produced by hand in their workshop in Valencia, although depending on the type they use different techniques. For the casting stoneware pieces, they use plaster molds that they make from models made with manual modeling techniques or with a pottery wheel. Other pieces are thrown directly on the wheel and others are made entirely by hand using more traditional techniques.
They glaze all their pieces by hand and many of the glazes they use have been formulated or, at least, modified by them to make them more special.

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You might wonder...

Yes, the stoneware pieces can be put in the dishwasher and microwave without problem.

Yes, the pieces are made from food-safe materials.

No, the pieces we produce are designed to be as they are, with the shapes and colors selected according to what best suits the brand.


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