Palma de Mallorca, Spain

The idea of Roca-Boira started growing in Jaime's mind during lockdown. He got married on February 2020 and wasn't working, at that time. The hungover of the wedding and the lockdown lined up, so he had a little amount of time to think where he wanted to steer his professional career.
Instead of looking for a job, he thought it was the right time to start his own project where he could apply and express his own aesthetic point of view.

"Bags from Mallorca made with antique textiles, natural dyes and hand embroidered."

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Majorcan textiles

Roca Boira uses Majorcan "drap" as fabric, an antique hemp fabric around 100 years old, made in Majorca hand-loomed. Jaime loves fabrics with history and appreciates artisanal things made by hand. Also, sometimes he uses materials from his travels, following his taste for artisanal things.

Ethical making process

Jaime loves the natural colours of the fabrics which are never the same because of who are they made. To colour the fabrics he uses natural dyeing techniques with plants from the island or some fair-trade pigments such as it could be coffee or indigo to get blue colours. Then for the embroidery, he only uses hands and the skills he learned through time. Finally, the sewing machine is the only contemporary device that he uses because it allows him to give the strength that any bag needs to have for regular use.


The main dream of Jaime is to "contribute with a grain of sand" to the heritage of majorcan textiles.

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