Keramo Ceramic

Keramô Ceramic

Cunardo, Italy

Giulia Bonora is an Italian Designer and Artist based in Varese, Italy. 
She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and continues to work on her creations at the “Fornaci Ibis” in Cunardo, mentored by artist Giorgio Robustelli.
For her, Giorgio’s role has been fundamental in approaching the world of ceramics, in all of its facets. Thanks to the work in the workshop and the technical instruction acquired at the academy, she was able to train as a craftswoman and launch her brand “Keramô” in 2020.

Modeling, shaping, casting, decorating with enamels, engobes and oxides are part of her expertise.
She creates sculptures, design objects and often works with photography.

"These are not just design product, but useful sculptures that take part in our daily life."

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All creations of Keramô Ceramics are made of ceramic with white and red clay fired at 1000 C°, Giulia uses the manual lathe and very colored glazes.

Functional and artistic

The works of Keramô Ceramics are divided into functional ceramics and artistic sculptures.
The concept is to capture the texture of naturally occurring magmatic rocks and make them unique through the use of colours.

Keramo Soup Plate

Cooking with TA-DAAN & Keramo Ceramic

We believe high-quality handmade ceramics make your food taste better!

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You might wonder...

Can I wash Keramô Ceramic products in the dishwasher?

Yes. It is possible to wash them in the dishwasher but making sure that the pieces do not touch each other. You can also put them in the oven or on the stove using a flame arrester.

What is the Tajine? How can I use it?

A Tajine or tagine is a dish and also a cooking pot from Morocco.
You can use this special pot to steam cook: the conical lid allows steam to circulate during cooking, which then creates condensation that drips back onto the meat, fish or vegies, keeping food moist.
Look for slow-cooked recipes to test this pot! You'll love it!
Use it in the oven or you can perfectly use your tagine pot on your Gas or Electric stove if you put it on a heat diffuser on low-to-medium heat.