Giulia Lentini

Giulia Lentini

Milan, Italy

Giulia creates handmade jewels using the ancient techniques of traditional goldsmith work.
Particularly, Giulia uses with great talent the lost wax technique and the stone casting.

Most of the jewels are made of bronze, a material that allows her to get closer to sculpture.

She chooses her subjects mainly inspired by natural forms, especially from organic marine forms.

Every piece in her collection is unique and precious.

“ My jewels are like marine treasures found on the bottom of the sea”

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The fascinating lost wax technique

The lost wax technique is the main technique used for the realization of Giulia's collections. It is an ancient technique that has found wide use in traditional statuary, goldsmithing and many other fields of application.

Bronze, Giulia's go-to material

The most used material is bronze, in its two colors: yellow bronze and red bronze.
This material allows Giulia to get closer and closer to the sculptural meaning she wants to give to her jewels.

Accessible luxury

Furthermore, the material she uses allows her to make unique and often very heavy jewels accessible to everyone, it would not be possible in gold.

You might wonder...

Can Giulia Lentini jewelry be worn in the shower?

No. Avoid wearing it when you take a shower, sweat or go swimming.

Why bronze jewels?

Its charm derives from the fact that it was probably the first metal to be discovered by man, appreciated for its qualities: hardness and resistance, this means that this metal guarantees a long life.

Today we also appreciate it for its color, it is in fact the only non-precious metal, together with brass, to come close in color to that of gold.

How best to care for Giulia Lentini products?

If it becomes dull, wash the earrings with warm water and degreasing soap. Then you can use specific products for metal polishing.

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