Clarina Ceramics

Clarina Ceramics

Madrid, Spain

Clara is an art historian who, after working for several years in galleries, decided to sign up for ceramics classes to give it a try. Five years later, and after training as a ceramist, she works in her studio in the centre of Madrid, where she designs and creates minimalist pieces with a strong artistic influence. Blue, geometry and a functional but playful design are the main lines of her work.

“ My aim is to create pieces that add value to our daily lives and make it more beautiful. I like to think that each one of them is a small celebration of everyday life. ”

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Design goes through drawing

When designing her pieces, Clara focuses on finding a balance between aesthetics and functionality. She likes to play with repetition, to take an idea and try to decline it, to explore all the options it offers. The beginning of her creative process always starts in the sketchbook.

Potter's wheel

Clara almost always works on the potter's wheel. She really enjoys the meditative process of this kind of work. Feeling the clay in her hands is a sensation that captivated her from the very beginning. And this technique allows Clara to achieve a smooth and beautiful finish, which is very important to her.

The importance of colour

For Clara, colour and shape go hand in hand; that's why it is so important to her to have a personal colour palette. To achieve this, she makes her own glazes. When Clara opens the kiln, there are always surprises, but that is the beauty that makes this craft unique, right?

A chat with the founder of Clarina Ceramics

We had the pleasure to interview Clara Gutiérrez: founder of ceramic brand Clarina Ceramic.
Clarina is an art historian. After working for several years in galleries, she decided to sign up for ceramics classes to give it a try.

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Yes, cups can be put on the microwave and washed in the dishwasher, but hand washing is gentler and will make your pieces last longer.